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Photographer’s Paradise

Rural farm setting: privacy and conveniences for clients


Nature is at its finest on 175-acre private family-run farm available for the art of photography.


Acres of mixed pine, fir, and larch forest; wheat fields, park-like settings, creeks, rolling hills, rustic barns/swings, snow- covered mountain vistas with visibility to sunrises and colorful sunsets— just a few of the dozens of stunning backdrops awaiting your artistic eye. There is a reconstructed Early 1880’s log cabin with rock fire place. Backdrops Galore: Wheat Fields; Christmas Tree Plantings; Forest w/Horse Trails; Cattail and Spring Areas; Grasslands



For your convenience

Barn with restroom/changing room, a place to safely store photography equipment, props, change of wardrobe, etc. Convenient parking with easy access to U.S. Hwy 2.



Props available for staging

Many vintage props are readily available including: 1926 red Dodge Bros truck, two buckboard wagons, three windmills, three sleighs, water tank wagon, two old John Deere tractors, apple cider presses, barrels large and small. The farm has a number of benches available scattered on the property which includes fixed stone & log. The farm also has mobile park benches as well as straw bales upon request. Countless portable props are available for an additional charge.


A wide variety of topography, vegetation, and available props accommodate all styles of photography whether casual, formal, posed, or natural. You will be in your creative element without interruption. This farm venue will accommodate many types of photography, including:


  • Posed or Candid

  • Special Event

  • Portrait

  • Nature

  • Commercial & Advertising

  • Holiday

  • Industrial & Business

  • Fashion

  • Family-Friendly Genres





ALL Photographers: Family Friendly Photography Only


Non-Professional Photographers:

An example would be family and friends taking photos with cell phones. Permission for such photography is NOT required and/or photography is free and welcome.


Professional Photographers:


  • We welcome professional photographers and invite them for a free introductory tour of property, buildings, and props.


  • Scheduling is required for both introductory tour and photo sessions.                                       


  • Photo session time is fee based on length of photo sessions, prop use, and assistance needed.  SEE  “Pricing Schedule” below


  • Professional photographers are required to carry their own liability insurance covering themselves and their clients



PRICING: (Hourly or Daily)


Professional photographers are paying users and will have available to them all props. Farm management may add additional negotiable charges for stored props that need to be delivered to photographers designated location. Photographers can bring their own props for use at no cost, if the props present no cost or handling by farm management.


Hourly:     $40.00

1/2 Day:    $125.00

Full Day:   $200.00 (Full Day is 8 hrs.)




Depending on the needs and requests from the professional photographer, one or more areas of the farm may be visited in their photo session. It may be the case that more than one photographer will be scheduled on the farm for the same date and time if the request to shoot different areas don’t conflict.


Theodore’s Thicket Farm is comprised of basically four areas with its own characteristics:


AREA 1. - Christmas Tree/Barn area (27 acres) with large two-story framed contemporary Barn (w/restroom and rock fireplace), 1926 truck, two windmills, benches, cedar rail fencing, adjacent forest, terraced paver fire-pit (under construction), antique John Deere LA tractor, and many other small props. (This is the most photographed area)


AREA 2. - Cottage area (35 acres) hosts a 1930’s farm house, “Rustic/Vintage” garage, small grain house, rock walled well-house, year-round spring, wheat/grain fields, Colorado Blue Spruce wind breaks, forest edges, rail fencing, benches, an old rusty truck hidden near the edge of the woods, two areas of cattails, views from lower to upper terrain of Mt. Spokane.


AREA 3. - 80-Acre Grain Land & Forest area  is interesting for its varying topography with forest and grain fields. The area has extensive horse trails to walk—high and low country. The largest windmill on the farm (possibly in Eastern Washington) is located here. The fan, or mill, is 14-feet in diameter. Also on the property is a small rustic dairy house, a two-person porch swing, hanging from a willow tree located beside a year-round spring. Several apple trees and a rock bench are nearby—all near the county road. Extensive cattails follow the spring as it flows north. Adjacent and west of the spring is a mowed grass strip. The naturalist will be fascinated with all the red-winged blackbirds that habitat the area. Exploring the area, one can expect to see deer and turkey. Occasionally elk and coyote may be seen. On further exploration, one will discover locations with views of Mt. Spokane, basalt stacks, an interesting large diameter 30-foot dead tree with woodpecker holes, an old truck door with interesting oxidation colors & patterns, etc.


AREA 4. - Log Cabin & Residence area In many ways this area is as interesting as the three areas above, with characteristics that set it apart. A two story reconstructed early 1880s log cabin, originally having a full second floor, reconstructed to create a loft on one end and a 28-foot floor to ceiling rock gas-fired  fireplace on the other. The cabin is furnished with vintage furnishings that are used for photo props. Though there is direct and indirect lighting, most professional photographers supplement the lighting with their own. In the past, two commercial photo shoots were shot here for two different craft design books. An old large diameter buzz saw sits outside between the cabin and an old cedar rail fence. The area also hosts woods, trails, vegetable garden, flower garden, and well kept lawn areas with two rock sitting benches. In season, one may catch interesting colors from rhododendrons, fruit trees, and other flowering plants and shrubs.




To ensure privacy, viewing and photographic use of property is by appointment only.


Scheduling and further information:

Phone (509) 238-4514


Primary Farm: 7420 E. Bernhill Rd.

Mailing Address: 19223 N Bernhill Rd.

Colbert, WA 99005


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