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Area 3 - 80-Acre Grain Land & Forest Area is interesting for its varying topography with forest and grain fields. The area has extensive horse trails to walk—high and low country. The largest windmill on the farm (possibly in Eastern Washington) is located here. The fan, or mill, is 14-feet in diameter. Also on the property is a small rustic dairy house, a two-person porch swing, hanging from a willow tree located beside a year-round spring. Several apple trees and a rock bench are nearby—all near the county road. Extensive cattails follow the spring as it flows north. Adjacent and west of the spring is a mowed grass strip. The naturalist will be fascinated with all the red-winged blackbirds that habitat the area. Exploring the area, one can expect to see deer and turkey. Occasionally elk and coyote may be seen. On further exploration, one will discover locations with views of Mt. Spokane, basalt stacks, an interesting large diameter 30-foot dead tree with woodpecker holes, an old truck door with interesting oxidation colors & patterns, etc. (BACK)

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