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Area 4 - Log Cabin & Residence area In many ways this area is as interesting as the three areas above, with characteristics that set it apart. A two story reconstructed early 1880s log cabin, originally having a full second floor, reconstructed to create a loft on one end and a 28-foot floor to ceiling rock gas-fired  fireplace on the other. The cabin is furnished with vintage furnishings that are used for photo props. Though there is direct and indirect lighting, most professional photographers supplement the lighting with their own. In the past, two commercial photo shoots were shot here for two different craft design books. An old large diameter buzz saw sits outside between the cabin and an old cedar rail fence. The area also hosts woods, trails, vegetable garden, flower garden, and well kept lawn areas with two rock sitting benches. In season, one may catch interesting colors from rhododendrons, fruit trees, and other flowering plants and shrubs. (BACK)

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