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  • Do I bring my own saw to cut the Christmas tree down?

You are welcome to bring your own tools. We do have tools available at no cost.


  • Do you take credit and debit cards?

We currently do not. Please bring cash or a personal check.


  • How much water will my fresh-cut Christmas tree need?

A tree cut to six-feet will typically absorb a half-gallon of water each day.  Keeping the tree watered is important in its "freshness" longevity and will reduce the amount of needles that will fall.


  • What amenities are available?

A barn is available onsite for warmth, shelter and personal needs.  


  • What are the hours and where is Theodore's Thicket located?

Please see the Location & Hours tab.


  • Can I cut my own Christmas tree?

Yes! Cut your own tree or the tree you pick is cut for you at no additional cost. Once cut the tree is placed in a shaker to remove internal dead needles to lessen home needle drop during home set-up. Use of personal power tools is prohibited.

  • What types of Christmas trees are available?

Concolor Fir up to 12 feet tall.

Grand Fir up to 12 plus feet tall. 

Cork Bark Fir up to 10-12 feet tall.


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