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  • Various Vendors will be selling craft items on weekends. Cash or check please.                                                                                                           

  • Cutting season and/or tree "pre-selection" (by flagging) begins the weekend prior to Thanksgiving Day.


  • All trees regardless of height are $70.00 each (including tax).


  • Fresh Christmas wreaths are available on a pre-order basis at $20.00 each. Tel. (509) 238-4514. Wreaths consist of Concolor Fir, & Grand Fir.


  • Acceptable forms of payment are cash or personal check.                                                                                                      

  • Cut your own tree (saws available on site) or for no additional cost, we will cut your tree. For your convience, the tree is placed in a Tree Shaker after the tree is cut. The Tree Shaker removes internal loose or dead needles to lessen needle drop during home set-up and stay. Use of personal power tools is prohibited. 


Trees grown on the Theodore's Thicket Tree Farm are well cared for during the entire growing season. They are grown 400 feet below the top of Greenbluff's Northwest side. They get ample water throughout the season through sub irrigation from Greenbluff above. The ideal shape, color and growth is developed by spacious tree separation at planting (35 square feet per tree), this allows for an even and ample distribution of water supply, sun and soil nutrients. Weeds are removed during the summer months to reduce water and nutrient competition as well as reducing or eliminating diseases and rodents/insects. This cultural practice increases air flow through the tree plantation that also improves tree quality. Upon the arrival of Christmas Tree season, the customer has a fresh tree with excellent color and superior moisture content. A fresh cut tree will last much longer than pre-cut trees. The trees are cultured to have more open branches through selective pruning, not shearing as done on trees you see sold on tree lots. These trees allow Christmas ornaments to hang between branches rather than lay on the side of the tree.


This year, the available trees are Concolor Fir, Grand Fir & Cork Bark Fir. The very fragrant and deep green colored Grand Fir is typically the biggest seller in this area. My personal favorite is the Concolor Fir. It looks like a Colorado Blue Spruce in color, but the needles are "soft" and "flexible", has absolutely outstanding water and needle retention, and comes in a wide range of color from blue to green. The Concolor Fir releases fragrance with a tangerine essence.

A modern country barn is available onsite for warmth, shelter and personal needs.


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